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PSBS P539 - Research in Molecular Psychobiology, Genetic Basis of Nicotine Addiction

P539 Mouse Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders The human genome includes many variations, ranging from duplications and deletions of full chromosomes to single nucleotide polymorphisms. Moreover, a large number of kilo- to mega-base copy number variations (CNVs) are associated with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability and schizophrenia. Human chromosome 22q11.2 is one of those CNVs. Children and adolescents with 22q11.2 duplications and deletions consistently exhibit these neuropsychiatric disorders, along with associated cognitive and intellectual impairments during development. However, because duplications and deletions of 22q11.2 encompass 1.5 Mb or larger regions, it is not possible to determine whether segments or single genes are responsible for specific phenotypes in humans. To circumvent these obstacles, our laboratory examines the role of individual 22q11 genes in distinct aspects of cellular and behavioral phenotypes in genetically engineered mice. Dr. Noboru Hiroi 718-430-3124 Modules: All Maximum: 2 All students MUST have pre-approval from Course Director prior to registration and where to report on the first day of the rotation.
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