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HBSI 1005 - SOC 2305 / HBSI 1005 : Violence, Schools, & Education

This course will cover the development of the "market pattern" in Western societies and the spread of this pattern to the rest of the world through trade, colonization, and current day ¿globalization.¿ Early in their histories, sociology and economics diverged as separate academic fields over a basic disagreement as to how to understand human behavior in market situations and how markets fit in to our understanding of society more generally. At one time, economics and sociology shared a body of theoretical texts that influenced the development of both fields before they went their separate ways. Readings from theorists and historians such as Adam Smith, Joseph Schumpeter, Karl Polanyi and Fernand Braude! will help students attach a date and place to the development of recognizably modern market institutions, while readings on current intellectual controversies will show how these institutions developed to become central to multiple areas of our social lives. Special attention will be paid to market ties that link us to people and processes that are geographically distant but nevertheless exert a great influence on our lives; as well as the impact our market behavior has on people and places far removed from us. In the journey, we will be drawing on a broad multidisciplinary network of ideas in the social sciences and in the historiography of modern market institutions.
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