MGMT 635 - Strategic Sourcing

Firms are trying their best to find ways to improve their performance in today’s increasingly competitive and globalized world. Sourcing and purchasing plays a key role in a firm’s ability to be more efficient, more profitable, and more competitive. It has great impact on a firm’s performance and overall competitiveness. It impacts all functional activities of a firm, including marketing and sales, customer service, manufacturing planning and control, inventory management, quality management, product design, human resource management, technology management, financial planning, and e-commerce activities. During this course, through a combination of case analyses, projects, and article reviews, we will examine the major sourcing and purchasing concepts and issues, including purchasing process and strategy, supply management integration, supplier evaluation, selection and development, worldwide sourcing, cost management, contract management, risk management, negotiation, sourcing proposals analysis, and sourcing/purchasing information systems. Additionally, we will also explore the legal and ethical issues surrounding the sourcing/purchasing decisions.
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