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PUBH 101
Intro to Public/Community Hlth
PUBH 191
First-Year Seminar
PUBH 199
Orientation to Public Health
PUBH 200
Intro Pub Hlth Careers & Info
PUBH 201
Global Perspective Public Hlth
PUBH 202
Social Determinants of Health
PUBH 205
Writing for Public Health Audi
PUBH 211
Biostatistics for Pop Health
PUBH 222
Epidemiology for Public Health
PUBH 241
Biological Basis Public Health
PUBH 243
Issues in Environmental Health
PUBH 260
Principles Patient Navigation
SPTP:Intro Patient Navigation
PUBH 311
Hlth Rsrch Data Mang/Reporting
PUBH 331
Introduction to Health Policy
PUBH 334
Emergency Preparednes Pub Hlth
PUBH 338
Pub Hlth Project Management
PUBH 352
Intro Soc Behav Science & Prac
PUBH 353
Mastering Health and Wellness
PUBH 360
Hlth Nav: Prevention/Comm Hlth
PUBH 361
Hlth Insurance for Pt Navigat
SPTP: Intro Injury Prevention
SPTP:Climate Change & Pub Hlth
SPTP:Intro Outbreak Investigat
PUBH 400
Field Plac & Capstone Prep Sem
PUBH 423
Intro Modern Epidemiologic Res
PUBH 442
Public Health in the Workplace
PUBH 454
Intro Public Health Res Method
PUBH 460
US Hlthcr Syst Struct & Incent
PUBH 461
Lgl/Ethical Issues for Pt Navs
PUBH 486
PN Exp Agency Rotation & Capst
PUBH 490
Teaching Practicum
PUBH 491
Professional Field Experience
SPTP:Adolescent Hlth Promotion
PUBH 495
Independent Study
PUBH 496
Senior Thesis
PUBH 497
PUBH 536
Worksite Wellness
PUBH 610
Foundations of PH Practice
PUBH 611
EPID for PH Practice
PUBH 612
Research in Public Health
PUBH 620
Public Health Capacity
PUBH 621
PH Prevention Intervention
PUBH 622
MPH Practice-Based Experience
PUBH 630
MPH Field Practicum
PUBH 640
Leadership Collaboration in PH
PUBH 641
Systems Think in PH Practice
PUBH 659
Public Health Foundations
PUBH 662
Clinical Research Meth/Pract
PUBH 690
Teaching Practicum
PUBH 695
Independent Study
PUBH 696
Graduate Seminar
PUBH 766
Medical Toxicology
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