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IAS 485 - Preparation For Ias Honors Thesis

Required for IAS senior thesis writers, this course addreses the methods and mechanics of research and writing in IAS, concurrently with independent work with the thesis adviser. The seminar provides structure, guidance, and response to your work. Students will already have identified a thesis topic; in the seminar, they will identify a research question and develop a thesis proposal. In workshop format, students will examine one another's research questions, hypotheses, and methods of analysis. In additional sessions, students will learn the basics of several models of electronically assisted research, and they will develop and refine presentation skills through the presentations of their proposals and results at various stages of progress. Prerequisites: 1) a GPA of 3.65 at the time of application to the thesis program; 2) the identification of a thesis adviser; and 3) the approval of the IAS Honors Program Director. Attendance is required.
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