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AMCS 4283 - Topics In Comparative Politics: Politics And Identity

In this course we examine the roles of political ideology, ethnic and racial identities, gendered identities, and nationalist identity in engaging in or mobilizing for political action in the age of Trumpian politics. The class has three parts. We begin the course by looking at the mobilization of the alt-right as a domestic and international movement with powerful nationalistic beliefs. We then turn to exploring the more widely cited theories that explain the mechanics of political mobilization and movements. Finally, we look at a series of politically engaged groups that have strong identity elements in order to assess their similarities and differences domestically and internationally across the 21st century. The foci will range from the peaceful "Me Too Movement" to more violent political expressions by religiously motivated actors.
A&S IQ:SSC, WI:Arch, SSC:Art, SSC:EN, S:
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