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AMCS 220 - Don'T Believe The Hype: Race, Media, And Social Movements In America

"Don't Believe the Hype" will provide students with the tools to critique popular media and its association to social movements in America. This course will explore and analyze how media, broadly defined, including (but not limited to) music, art, film, literature, television and social media, has influenced social movements in very profound ways over the last century. The course will centralize the African American experience and the Black Freedom Movement in particular and will teach students how to contextualize media and critically assess its impact, and examine the various ways media has played pivotal roles in social movement. Using these skills we will answer the following questions: What is the audience for a particular form of media? When does a social movement become part of popular culture? What is the purpose of media in these situations? How effective has media been for organizing? An integral part to this course will be the use of the Henry Hampton Archive in the Washington University Film & Media Archive. The archive is a repository of primary materials that will be utilized throughout the semester. By using the Hampton Collection students will also learn to analyze and interpret primary documents while also having a more nuanced understanding of history and how media is constructed and informs the way we process socio-political currents that evolve into social movements. Attendance Mandatory during first 2 weeks.
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