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ME 116
Engineering Computer-aided Design and Visualization
ME 212
ME 216
Integrated CAD Design
ME 220
Materials Laboratory
ME 301
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
ME 303
Fluid Mechanics
ME 304
Heat Transfer
ME 306
Thermal and Fluids Laboratory
ME 310
Manufacturing Processes
ME 311
Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
ME 313
Engineering Analysis
ME 316
Mechanical Component Analysis and Design
ME 348
Dynamics Systems
ME 401
ME 405
Thermal Systems Design
ME 406
[M] Experimental Design
ME 413
Mechanics of Solids
ME 415
[M] Engineering Design
ME 416
[CAPS] Mechanical Systems Design
ME 419
Air Conditioning
ME 431
Design of Solar Thermal Systems
ME 436
Combustion Engines
ME 439
Applied Aerodynamics
ME 461
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
ME 462
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering II
ME 466
Fundamentals Of Engineering Examination Review
ME 474
Design for Manufacture and Modern Manufacturing Strategies
ME 475
Manufacturing Enterprise Systems -- Automation and Product R...
ME 481
Control Systems
ME 483
Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 488
Professional Practice Coop/Internship I
ME 499
Special Problems
ME 507
Additive Manufacturing
ME 513
Crystal Plasticity
ME 514
Thermodynamics of Solids
ME 515
Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 516
Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer
ME 520
Multiscale Modeling in Thermomechanics of Materials
ME 521
Fundamentals of Fluids I
ME 525
ME 526
Statistical Thermodynamics
ME 527
Macroscopic Thermodynamics
ME 530
ME 531
Theory of Plasticity
ME 532
Finite Elements
ME 534
Mechanics of Composite Materials
ME 537
Fracture Mechanics and Mechanisms
ME 556
Numerical Modeling in Fluid Mechanics
ME 565
Nuclear Reactor Engineering
ME 579
Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 598
ME 600
Special Projects or Independent Study
ME 700
Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination
ME 702
Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...
ME 800
Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination
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