NUR 4290 - Dimensions Of Public Health

The application of public health concepts provides the framework for this course. In conjunction with community partners, students conduct a community assessment collecting data from a variety of sources. Selected health indicators are discussed, as are goals, objectives and interventions to improve the health of populations. Principles of epidemiology are applied. Students observe and participate in health policy development and delivery of services at the community level. Students will be charged an additional Non-Clinical Instruction Nurs Fee (RN students are not responsible for this fee) and NCLEX Prep Fee (RN students are not responsible for this fee) when enrolling in this course. course is UCC - Area 5 community and Civic Engagement. * Additional Fee WIll Be Applied Prerequisites: NUR 4250, NUR 4260, NUR 4270 and NUR 4280. Minimum grade of D. For Nursing Majors Only.
UCC-5 Community&Civic Engag, Non-clinical Instruction Nur F, NCLEX Prep Fee, Permission Required
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