NUR 3250 - Cultural Foundations Of Nursing

This course will explore the ways in which culture, race, ethnicity, gender, class, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and ability are related to health and health outcomes in individuals and populations. The implications that racism, classism, sexism and other systems of oppression have on individual as well as population health will be considered. Factors related to health disparities and health care inequities among and between patient populations will be examined with consideration given to the role of the nurse in promoting health. Emphasis will be placed on the value of providing patient centered care to diverse patient populations. Students will be charged an additional Non-clinical Instruction Nur Fee when enrolling in this course. Course is UCC - Area 4 Divefrsity and Justice and is Writing Intensive. * Additional Fee WIll Be Applied Prerequisites: BIO 3210 and PBHL 2240. Minimum Grades of D. Nursing Majors Only.
UCC-4 Diversity&Justice, Distance Learning Fee , Non-clinical Instruction Nur F, Permission Required, UCC-Writing Intensive
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