LAS 2550 - History Of Latinos/Latinas

From the mid - 19th century to the present, Latinos and Latinas have fought for equity and justice as members of society in the United States. However, the historical record shows that the heritage populations in annexed territories and immigrants from Latin America and their descendants have been excluded on the basis of race, class, and gender. This class will examine various historical interpretations of imperialism, immigration, gender and class bias, labeling, language, and citizenship as they apply to Latinos/Latinas. Utilizing a variety of primary and secondary sources, the class will develop a distinctly historical awareness of the legal, political, and human rights issues behind the Latino/Latina presence in the United States. The course will also examine several past and present Latino movements for social justice and their legacy for change in U.S. society.
UCC-4 Diversity&Justice;, Distance Learning Fee
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