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OIE 500
Analyzing And Designing Operations To Create Value
OIE 501
Designing Operations For Competetive Advantage
OIE 541
Operations Risk Management
OIE 542
Risk Management And Decision Making
OIE 544
Supply Chain Anaylsis And Design
OIE 548
Productivity Management
OIE 552
Modeling And Optimizing Processes
OIE 553
Global Purchasing And Logistics
OIE 554
Global Operations Strategy
OIE 555
Lean Process Design
OIE 556
Health Systems Modeling And Improvement
OIE 558
Designing And Managing Six-Sigma Processes
OIE 559
Optimization Methods For Business Analytics
OIE 597
Supply Chain Consulting Project
OIE 598
St:Sustble Chain & Oper Manag
OIE 2850
Engineering Economics
OIE 3405
Work Systems And Facilities Planning
OIE 3410
Materials Management In Supply Chains
OIE 3420
Quality Planning, Design And Control
OIE 3460
Simulation Modeling And Analysis
OIE 3510
Stochastic Models
OIE 3600
Scripting For Process And Productivity Improvement
OIE 4410
Case Studies In Industrial Engineering
OIE 4420
Practical Optimization: Methods And Applications
OIE 4460
Global Planning And Logistics
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