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HDFS 401 - Project Planning, Implementation, And Evaluation In The Human Services

Exercises and activities related to the design, planning, implementation and management, and evaluation of projects and programs in the human services. HD FS 401 Project Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation in the Human Services (3) HD FS 401 is part of a sequence of courses that develop skills and competencies of the human services student. The course emphasizes the further development of communication skills, diversity skills, team-building skills, critical thinking skills, and technology and leadership skills. Intended to be completed prior to the internship experience, the course will initially focus students' efforts on the identification of a field-based human services project or program, and a setting within which it could be carried out. Subsequently, students will design and plan the project or program, examine and propose effective implementation and management procedures, and incorporate state-of-the art evaluation procedures into the design. Enrollment Requirements: Students must be in the following MJ=HFSUC_BS,SC>=006,SC=006,SC
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