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LER 100
Employment Relations
LER 136
Race, Gender, And Employment
LER 201
Employment Relationship: Law And Policy
LER 312
Employment Relations To Research Methods In Labor And Employ...
LER 400
Comparative Employment Relations Systems
LER 401
The Law Of Labor-Management Relations
LER 403
International Human Resource Studies
LER 409
Leadership Development: A Life-Long Learning Perspective
LER 424
Employment Compensation
LER 425
Employee Benefits
LER 426
Staffing And Training Strategies In Organizations
LER 434
Collective Bargaining And Contract Administration
LER 435
Labor Relations In The Public Sector
LER 437
Workplace Dispute Resolution
LER 444
Workplace Safety And Health: Principles And Practices
LER 458
History Of Work In America
LER 460
Human Resources Ethics
LER 464
Communication Skills For Leaders In Groups And Organizations
LER 465
Collective Decision Making
LER 472
Work-Life Practices And Policies
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