ARTH 378 - Border Art:Contemp Latinx Art

This seminar engages broad-ranging debates that have looked at the Mexico-US border as a fruitful site of identity formation. In this seminar, we examine artworks with an emphasis on location, critical standpoint, interrelatedness, and the geopolitics of identity. Through readings and class discussions, students investigate protest art and arts activism, and develop methods of "critical seeing" through image analysis, art historical analysis, and cultural critique. We explore how structures of creating, organizing, and explaining knowledge, discursive practices, and forms of representation have been employed to dismiss and delimit US Latinx art. We consider artworks produced by Chicanx, U.S. Latinx, and other transnational artists in a wide range of formats including printmaking, performance art, mural painting, photography, film and video, books, comics, public art projects, and an array of post-conceptual practices.
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