FLMPRD 126 - Introduction To Editing Crafts

PREREQUISITE: Film Production 100 (3 units) Introduction to Film, TV, and Stage Production Crafts AND Film Production 101 (3 units) Production Skills. This course is an introduction to the craft of video editing, with an emphasis on fundamental concepts and a focus on the role and responsibilities of the assistant editor. The approach will be project-based, with students learning and developing digital workflows by shooting or ingesting footage from a variety of sources, transcoding it into an editing-friendly codecs, logging it, and then assembling it into sequences. Completed work will be compressed and uploaded to internet practice sites. A student emerging from this class will have a solid technical foundation for the further study of video editing, and an understanding of what will be expected of them in most entry-level editing positions. THE COURSE REQUIRES STRONG COMPUTER AND ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS.
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