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CHEM 060 - Introduction To General Chemistry

This course is a survey of basic chemistry topics. The course is intended as preparation for chemistry, some allied health majors, or for students completing their general education. Topics include atoms and elements, nomenclature, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, energy and states of matter, gas laws, aqueous systems, solutions, and acids, bases and salts. Laboratory activities will support the range of topics covered in lecture including chemical laboratory safety, qualitative and quantitative experiments. Class Notes: This class requires students to be online and interacting with their instructor during the times shown in the class schedule in addition to completing assigned homework. No on-campus meetings will be held. For Canvas login instructions, information about additional online classes and access to the online bookstore, online counseling, online library resources and more please visit Enrollment Requirements: Placement in CHEM 060 OR MATH 115 OR MATH 123B OR MATH 123C OR Placement in MATH 123C OR MATH 125 OR Placement in MATH 125 OR MATH 215 OR Placement in MATH 215 OR MATH 227 OR Placement in MATH 227 OR MATH 235 OR MATH 236 OR MATH 241 OR MATH 245. Requirement Designation: Meets IGETC 5A 5C CSU B1 B3.
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