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MLS 473 - Immunohematology

6 Classroom hours; 4 Lab hours. The practices and procedures in the transfusion service and donor center are presented, including the application of genetics and immunology to blood group serology. Problem solving in transfusion medicine, including complex antibody identification techniques and resolution of serological incompatibilities encountered in blood typing. Hemolytic disease of the newborn and hemolytic anemia are explored. Practice is offered in the techniques relevant to the performance of blood bank testing by the medical laboratory scientist in both the donor center and transfusion center, including automated testing methods, collection, storage and processing of blood components for transfusion. Reagents, testing of blood products and quality principles in blood banking are summarized. Prerequisite(s): admission to the MLS program.
Math+Nat Sci-Non GE, Med Tech Course Fee, Course from 4-YR School
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