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MLS 160
Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory
MLS 203
Medical Terminology
MLS 303
Medical Terminology
MLS 311
Biochemistry for Clinical Scientists
MLS 400
Clinical Laboratory Management/Education
MLS 405
Medical Immunology
MLS 411
Special Topics
MLS 430
Impact of Disease Upon Global Events
MLS 452
Analysis Of Body Fluids
MLS 453
Clinical Chemistry
MLS 458
Advanced Clinical Chemistry
MLS 459
Applied Clinical Chemistry
MLS 463
Clinical Hematology
MLS 468
Advanced Clinical Hematology
MLS 469
Applied Hematology
MLS 473
MLS 478
Advanced Immunohematology
MLS 479
Applied Immunohematology
MLS 488
Core Laboratory Practicum
MLS 489
Applied Clincial Techniques
MLS 492
Clinical Microbiology I
MLS 495
Clinical Microbiology
MLS 498
Applied Clinical Microbiology
MLS 499
Advanced Clinical Microbiology
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