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PSYC 101
Introduction to Psychology
Intro To Psych Lab
PSYC 235
Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC 241
Social Psychology
PSYC 268
PSYC 269
Experimental Psychology
PSYC 317
Developmental Psychology
PSYC 343
Sensation & Perception
PSYC 345
PSYC 348
Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 350
Sport Psychology
PSYC 351
PSYC 352
Contemporary Clinical Psyc
PSYC 355
Adv Statistics & Psyc Testing
PSYC 371
Intro to Psychopharmocology
PSYC 431
Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSYC 440
Neuroscience & The Soul
PSYC 481
Psych of Religion
PSYC 484
Psychology of Religion
PSYC 488
Current Issues-School Psych
PSYC 494
Personality Psychology
PSYC 495
Independent Study
PSYC 496
PSYC 497
Collaborative Research Groups
PSYC 499
Honors Thesis
PSYC 512
Theories/Principles of Counsel
PSYC 695
Independent Study
PSYC 696
PSYC 698
Master's Thesis
PSYC 699
Master's Thesis Continuation
PSYC 701
Foundations of Integration
PSYC 714
Professional Dev't & Ethics I
PSYC 716
Basic Clin Interview Skills
PSYC 717
PSYC 731
Spirituality I
PSYC 732
Spirituality II
PSYC 733
Spirituality III
PSYC 734
Spirituality IV
PSYC 736
Cognitive-Behavioral Thy/Prac
PSYC 737
PSYC 738
Family Theory and Therapy
PSYC 739
Community/Preventive Psyc
PSYC 743
Psych Assessment I
PSYC 744
Psych Assessment II
PSYC 746
Research/Stats I
PSYC 747
Research/Stats II
PSYC 753
PSYC 754
Biological Bases of Behavior
PSYC 756
PSYC 761
Research Lab I-Liu
PSYC 762
Rlii: Emerging Adults Lab
PSYC 763
Research Lab III-Liu
PSYC 773
Lifespan Development
PSYC 781
Adv Ethics/Prof Issues
PSYC 782
Clinical Supervision/Consult
PSYC 795
Practicum Seminar I
PSYC 796
Practica I, II, III, IV
PSYC 797
Practica-Seminar III
PSYC 798
Practicum V/VI
PSYC 833
Couple Therapy
PSYC 837
Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC 838
Adv Couple & Family Therapy
PSYC 843
Neuropsychological Assessment
PSYC 844
Child Psychological Assessment
PSYC 845
Child & Adol Interventions
PSYC 846
PSYC 851
Substance Abuse
PSYC 881
Advanced Practicum I
PSYC 882
Advanced Pract I Seminar
PSYC 891
Advanced Clerkship
PSYC 892
Advanced Clerkship II
PSYC 894
Clerkship:Adv Psythpy
PSYC 895
Independent Study
PSYC 896
Clinical Internship
PSYC 898
Clinical Dissertation
PSYC 899
Dissertation Continuation
PSYC 991
Comprehensive Exam
PSYC 992
Professional Qualifying Exam
PSYC 993
Clinical Dissertation Proposal
PSYC 999
Disseration Continuation-PT
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