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MUMS 101
Music Performance Seminar
MUMS 114
Piano Sight Reading
MUMS 115
Intro to Music Studies
MUMS 141
English & Italian Diction
MUMS 230
Music Improvisation
MUMS 243
Italian Grammar For Singers
MUMS 245
French & German Diction
MUMS 248
Basic Conducting
MUMS 255
Pedagogy I
MUMS 261
Feldenkrais for Musicians
MUMS 311
Choral Conducting
MUMS 312
Instrumental Conducting
MUMS 313
Piano Accompaniment
MUMS 321
Principles Pedagogy II:Piano
MUMS 330
Acoustic Recording Techniques
MUMS 333
Music Outreach Practicum
MUMS 341
Instrumental Tech-Brass
MUMS 342
Vocal Techniques
MUMS 343
Piano & Vocal Tech for Comp
MUMS 344
Percussion Tech for Composers
MUMS 346
Conducting Lab
MUMS 349
Organ Service Playing Tech
MUMS 355
Group Pedagogy
MUMS 385
Applied Pedagogy I
MUMS 421
Honors Conducting
MUMS 430
Advanced Topics in Conducting
MUMS 455
Applied Pedagogy II
Choral Methods Pract
MUMS 471
Choral Methods
MUMS 472
Instrumental Methods
Instr Methds Practcm
MUMS 473
Elementary School Music
Elem School Music Practicum
MUMS 494
MUMS 495
Directed Study
MUMS 496
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