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INTR 504
Global Perspectives-Outreach
INTR 514
Spiritual & Profess Formation
INTR 521
Historical Foundations
INTR 531
Theological Foundations
INTR 532
INTR 548
INTR 552
Gender And Leadership
INTR 561
Intercultural Communication
INTR 563
Cross-Cultural Teachng/Learng
INTR 565
Folk Religions
INTR 566
Religious Life-Global Ctxt
INTR 567
Spiritual Conflict
INTR 572
Cross-Cultural Research
INTR 573
Qualitative Research-SLE
INTR 581
Latin American Culture & Civ
INTR 587
Modern East Asia
INTR 606
English Grammar: Foundations
INTR 609
Linguistic Science
INTR 611
TESL/TEFL Methodology
INTR 612
Descriptive English Grammar
INTR 613
ESL/EFL Practicum
INTR 614
Curriculum/Materials Devlpmt
INTR 615
Teaching Reading/Composition
INTR 616
English Phonology
INTR 617
Principles Esl/Efl Testing
INTR 618
Ell Methods And Materials
INTR 619
Teaching ESL Speaking & Listen
INTR 620
Descriptive English Grammar A
INTR 621
Transformational Development
INTR 624
Mission To At-Risk Child/Youth
INTR 642
Bilingual Methods & Materials
INTR 643
ELL Methods for Specialists
INTR 692
Comprehensive Examination
INTR 695
Independent Study
INTR 696
INTR 698
Thesis/Applied Thesis
INTR 699
Thesis/Applied Thesis Contin
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