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HIST 102
EGP:Memoir/History Middle East
HIST 103
EAP: Pop Culture Since 1900
HIST 201
Why History?
HIST 232
History in Africa Since 1850
HIST 251
American History to 1865
HIST 252
American History from 1865
HIST 291
Intro to Modern East Asia
HIST 295
Intro To Historical Inquiry
HIST 311
History of Philosophy
HIST 312
Hist Of Philosophy
HIST 324
High Sch Hist/Soc Sci Methods
HIST 325
Mid Schl History/Ssci Methods
HIST 334
Modern East Asia
HIST 345
Medieval Europe
HIST 346
Renaissance Europe
HIST 348
Revolutionary Europe
HIST 349
Origins Of Contemporary Europe
HIST 351
American History To 1865
HIST 352
American History From 1865
HIST 374
Nazi Germany
HIST 377
British History to 1688
HIST 391
Race/Reconciliation-US History
HIST 483
Christianity In North America
HIST 494
Senior Capstone
HIST 495
Independent Study
HIST 496
HIST 498
Honors Tutorial
HIST 499
Honors Thesis
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