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ENGL 102
Modern Western Literature
ENGL 111
ENGL 112
SWL: Comedy & Tragedy
ENGL 115
Mod Glbl Lit:Women's Voices
ENGL 202
Carribbean Literature
ENGL 215
Classical/Early British Lit
ENGL 225
Topical Seminar:Poetry
ENGL 226
Topical Seminar: Shakespeare
ENGL 285
Chinese Literature
ENGL 326
Children's Lit
ENGL 327
Adolescent Lit
ENGL 331
Medieval Literature
ENGL 336
English Renaissance
ENGL 338
Restoration & 18th Century Lit
ENGL 341
Am Lit:Beginning Romanticism
ENGL 342
Am Lit:Realism To Modernism
ENGL 343
American Lit After 1945
ENGL 355
Romantic Period
ENGL 361
Victorian Literature
ENGL 364
British Modernism: 1900-1939
ENGL 378
Graphic Novel
ENGL 381
Emily Dickinson
ENGL 382
Amer Authors: Hurston/Hughes
ENGL 383
Am Author-Flannery O'Connor
ENGL 384
ENGL 385
C. Achebe & C.N. Adichie
ENGL 388
Jane Austen
ENGL 393
David Foster Wallace
ENGL 431
Christianity And Fantasy
ENGL 433
Old English Literature
ENGL 434
Modern Literary Theory
ENGL 486
Wade Authors: Dorothy Sayers
ENGL 494
Senior Seminar
ENGL 495
Independent Study
ENGL 496
Literature Internship
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