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ART 101
Art Survey
ART 211
Painting I
ART 213
Printmaking I
ART 221
Taking Pictures
ART 231
Sculpture I
ART 232
Drawing I
ART 233
Creativity & Design
ART 234
Digital Studio
ART 241
ART 251
History-Art & Architecture I
ART 260
Mosiacs I
ART 280
Silkscreen Printmaking
ART 312
Film & Darkroom Photography
ART 313
Printmaking II
ART 316
Ceramics I
ART 318
Graphic Design I
ART 323
Figure Drawing
ART 324
Digital Photography II
ART 325
ART 326
Digital Filmmaking I
ART 327
Painting II
ART 329
Community Art I
ART 332
Graphic Design II
ART 336
Ceramics II
ART 339
Sculpture II
ART 340
Ceramic Sculpture
ART 351
History-Art & Architecture II
ART 352
Medieval & Byzantine Art
ART 360
Mosaics II
ART 380
Studio Photography
ART 383
Digital Photography I
ART 423
Advanced Drawing
ART 425
Advanced Studio
ART 429
Community Art II
ART 492
Comm Art Capstone/Internship
ART 494
Seminar-Art History
ART 495
Independent Projects
ART 496
ART 497
Exhibition Practicum
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