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HMN 190
Contemporary Viennese Experience
HMN 200
Introduction to Humanities (Online Synchronous)
HMN 211
Dialogues with Antiquity (Online Synchronous)
HMN 212
Reading the Modern World (Online Synchronous)
HMN 213
Studies in European Literature (Online Synchronous)
HMN 214
Contemporary Fiction
HMN 216
Present Pasts: Prehistory, Archeology, and the Modern Natio...
HMN 217
European Drama
HMN 220
Historical Perspectives on the Humanities
HMN 221
Themes In Chinese Literature
HMN 223
African and Caribbean Literature
HMN 225
Literature, Travel, and Discovery
HMN 235
German Film
HMN 252
Chinese Cinemas
HMN 253
Japanese Films: Themes and Methods
HMN 270
Contemporary Japanese Culture
HMN 271
Mass Culture In Modern China
HMN 273
Lit & Film:Taiwan, HK & Beyond
HMN 290
The Humanities through Film, Literature and Media
HMN 291
The Humanities And History: Intersections Of Public History...
HMN 292
Environ, Hmn, & Gender (Online)
HMN 295
Social Entrepreneurship and the Humanities: Innovation, Publ...
HMN 320
Fathers and Daughters
HMN 340
German Masterworks in Translation
HMN 341
Russian Masterworks In Transl.
HMN 365
Humanity and Nature (Blended With Online Pathway)
HMN 370
Medicine and the Humanities (Online Synchronous)
HMN 374
Child Custody
HMN 385
Special Topics: Character and Medicine (Online Synchronous)
HMN 388
Independent Study
HMN 389
Directed Reading&Research (Blended-Online Pathway)
HMN 390
Directed Writing
HMN 391
German Women Writers
HMN 394
German Myths, Legends And Fairy Tales
HMN 398
Intellectual History of Weimar
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