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SMD 204
First Aid for Health Professionals
SMD 210
Psychosocial Perspectives of Sports/Recreational Injuries
SMD 212
Pathology & Eval Athletic Injury/Illness I
SMD 261
Surface Anatomy
SMD 271
First Aid and Athletic Training
SMD 272
Athletic Training Techniques
SMD 310
Therapeutic Modalities
SMD 311
Therapeutic Exercise for Athletic Training
SMD 312
Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness II
SMD 313
Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness III
SMD 315
Sports Injury Management I
SMD 316
Sports Injury Management II
SMD 361
SMD 400
Special Topics in Athletic Training
SMD 414
History, Organization & Administration of Sports Medicine
SMD 417
Sports Injury Management III
SMD 418
Sports Injury Management IV
SMD 420
Sports Medicine 1
SMD 454
Theories/Practices of Conditioning & Tng
SMD 500
Human Cadaver Anatomy
SMD 501
Human Cadaver Dissection
SMD 505
Evidence Based Practice in Sports Medicine
SMD 510
Therapeutic Agents
SMD 511
Principles of Rehabilitation
SMD 513
Orthopedic Assessment 2
SMD 514
General Medical Conditions and Pharmacology in Athletic Trai...
SMD 515
Athletic Training Clinical Experience 1
SMD 516
Athletic Training Clinical Experience 2
SMD 530
Organization and Administration of Athletic Training
SMD 592
Seminar in Sports Medicine
SMD 617
Athletic Training Clinical Experience 4
SMD 618
Athletic Training Clinical Experience 5
SMD 640
Injury Risk and Prevention Strategies
SMD 654
Sport Physiology in Various Populations and Environments
SMD 693
Selected Topics in Sports Medicine
SMD 698
Research I
SMD 699
Research II
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