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CS 130
Intro to Computing
CS 150
Prob Solving/Program I
CS 151
Prob Solving/Program II
CS 191
How Does Software Work?
CS 210
Internet Security & Ethics
CS 253
Software Development
CS 260
Computer Organization
CS 263
Software Engineering
CS 325
Information Security I
CS 350
Intro Computer Orgnztn
CS 351
Data Structures & Algorithms
CS 352
Orgnztn Program Lang
CS 353
Prfssnl Ethics in Computing
CS 361
Computer Graphics
CS 370
Operating Systems
CS 389
Cooperative Ed-Computing
CS 393
Topics Computer Science
CS 453
Database Systems
CS 461
Computer Graphics
CS 462
Linux Tools
CS 465
Computer Networks
CS 467
Mobile Appl Development
CS 493
CS 495
Capstone I
CS 496
Capstone II
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