THE 102 - Drama, Stage, and Society II

This theatre history course will examine the development of (primarily) Western drama against a backdrop of historical and social change. Students will read a variety of plays and discuss theatre history, dramatic theory, and criticism representing the major currents in (primarily) Western theatre from the 18th century to 1992. We will frequently employ one or more of the following "lenses" or viewpoints to focus our lectures and discussions: the physical theatre (how the material artifacts of theater-buildings, documents, etc.-tell the story of theatre history and influence dramaturgy); the social theatre (how the theatre relates to its social context, including consideration of the audience); and the performing theatre (the plays themselves and how they were/are performed). Students will be encouraged to draw connections between the material we cover in this course and the many intellectual and aesthetic parallels to be found in contemporaneous trends in history, philosophy, literature, and the arts. Theatre Majors and Minors may not take this class pass/fail or as an audit.
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