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BIO 101L
Principles of Biology I: Lab
BIO 101
T1:Principles of Biology I
BIO 102
Principles of Biology II
BIO 102L
Principles of Biology II: Lab
BIO 103
Intro Research Immersion
BIO 120
Intro to Bioinformatics
BIO 125
Clinical Correlation
BIO 200
Medical Terminology
BIO 206
BIO 206L
Microbiology: Lab
BIO 209L
Anatomy/Physiology I: Lab
BIO 209
Anatomy/Physiology I
BIO 210
Anatomy/Physiology II
BIO 210L
Anatomy/Physiology II: Lab
BIO 280
Bioinformatics Seminar
BIO 290
BIO 301
Anat/Evol of Vertebrates
BIO 302
BIO 302L
Parasitology: Lab
BIO 304
BIO 305
BIO 306
Cell Biology
BIO 307
Essential Biochemistry
BIO 309
Human Physiology
BIO 314
General Ecology
BIO 320
Biochemistry I
BIO 321
Biochemistry II
BIO 330
Conservation Biology
BIO 390A
Biology Internship
BIO 390B
Biology Internship
BIO 390
Biology Internship
BIO 402
DV: Genetics
BIO 402L
Genetics: Lab
BIO 403
Clinical Biochemistry
BIO 407
Molecular Pharmacology
BIO 408
BIO 410
ST: Cardiovascular Physiology
BIO 411
Independent Research
BIO 411A
Independent Research
BIO 411B
Independent Research
BIO 412
Independent Research
BIO 413
Biology Study Abroad
BIO 414
Cellular Molecular Tech
BIO 415
BIO 420
Bioinformatics Applications
BIO 435
Limnology (Aquatic Ecology)
BIO 436
Senior Capstone Experience
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