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BC 1014
Building a Strong Foundation
BC 1214
Intro to Bldg Constr I
BC 1224
Intro to Bldg Constr II
BC 2014
Construction Principles I
BC 2024
Construction Principles II
BC 2034
Real Estate Data Analysis
BC 2044
Buildings & Materials
BC 2064
Integrated Construction I
BC 2094
Building Construction Seminar
BC 2104
Bldg Effective Const Teams
BC 2114
IT in Design and Construction
BC 2134
Construction Data Analysis
BC 2214
Why Buildings Stand Up
BC 2354
Residential Cnst Technologies
BC 2974
Independent Study
BC 2984
SS: Building Foundations FYE
BC 3014
Building Physics & Env Systems
BC 3064
Integrated Construction II
BC 3114
Building Systems Technology
BC 3134
Temporary Structures
BC 4024
Est, Prod & Cost Engr
BC 4064
Integrated Construction III
BC 4114
BIM in Design & Construction
BC 4124
Digital Const & Manufacturing
BC 4164
Process Planning and Design
BC 4264
Fundamentals of Const Mgt
BC 4314
Bldg Performance & Energy Mgt
BC 4324
Innovation in Residential Cnst
BC 4334
Sustainable Bldg Perf Mgt
BC 4364
BIM for Facility Management
BC 4374
Residential Housing & Land Dev
BC 4434
Construction Practice I
BC 4444
Construction Practice II
BC 4754
BC 4974
Independent Study
BC 4984
SS: Lifecycle BIM for Fac Mgt
BC 4994
Undergraduate Research
BC 5024
Construction Cost Mgt
BC 5114G
Advanced BIM in Dsgn & Const
BC 5124G
Advanced Digital Const & Manuf
BC 5134
Sustainable Facility Systems
BC 5144
Sustainable Infastructure Sys
BC 5154
Modeling in Design and Const
BC 5264G
Adv Fundamentals of Const Mgt
BC 5314
Applied Building Sciences
BC 5374
Adv Lifecycle BIM for Fac Mgt
BC 5514
Princ & Practices of Constr I
BC 5524
Princ & Practices of Constr II
BC 5904
Project and Report
BC 5974
Independent Study
BC 5984
SS:Adv Lifecycle BIM Fac Mgt
BC 5994
Research and Thesis
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