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ART 1004
TS:Photography for Non-Majors
ART 1104
Language of Visual Arts
ART 1114
CT+E Play to Make
ART 1204
Principles of Art & Design I
ART 1214
Principles of Art & Design II
ART 1234
TS: Design for Non-Majors
ART 1304
Gateway to Art and Design
ART 1334
Visual Arts&Culture
ART 1404
Drawing I
ART 1414
Drawing II: Life Drawing
ART 1604
Principles of New Media
ART 1614
Principles of VCD
ART 1984
SS: Intersections of Arts
ART 2385
Surv Hist West Art
ART 2386
Surv Hist West Art
ART 2514
Drawing Concepts
ART 2524
Introduction To Painting
ART 2554
Introduction To Sculpture
ART 2565
ART 2566H
ART 2566
Typography II
ART 2575
Intro to Graphic Design I
ART 2576
Intro to Graphic Design II
ART 2604
Intro to New Media Art
ART 2664
Digital Photography
ART 2704
3D Computer Animation
ART 2984
SS: Gateway to Art and Design
ART 3004
History of Interiors II
ART 3054
Islamic Art and Architecture
ART 3064
Arts of China and Japan
ART 3074
Egyptian Art and Architecture
ART 3084
Greek Art and Architecture
ART 3114
Creative Code
ART 3174
Introduction to Archaeology
ART 3184
Roman Art and Architecture
ART 3284
Medieval Art and Architecture
ART 3484
Baroque Art and Arch
ART 3504
Creative Code
ART 3514
TS: In Drawing: Volksgraphics
ART 3524
TS: Intermediate Painting
ART 3544
Topics In Ceramics
ART 3554
Topics In Sculpture
ART 3564
TS:Photography: Fact & Fiction
ART 3565
Intermediate Graphic Design I
ART 3566
Intermediate Graphic Design II
ART 3566H
Intermediate Graphic Design II
ART 3574
TS: Interaction & Web Design
ART 3574H
Topics In Motion Graphics
ART 3604
TS: Principles of Animation
ART 3674
History of Photography
ART 3684
African-American Art
ART 3704H
Honors TS: Creative Code
ART 3704
TS: 3D Comp Animation Studio I
ART 3774
Modern Graphic Design
ART 3784
Euro & American Art Since 1900
ART 3854
Professional Studio Practices
ART 3884
American Art to 1914
ART 4104
Interpretation of Visual Arts
ART 4384
TS: Historic Preservation
ART 4484
TS: Criticism & Methods
ART 4504
TS: Animation Studio 2
ART 4514
Laser Cutting and Engraving
ART 4524
Advanced Painting
ART 4534
TS: Utilitarian Ceramics Class
ART 4544
TS: Animated Documentary
ART 4554
Advanced Sculpture
ART 4564
Exhibition Design And Display
ART 4575
Advanced Vis Com Design
ART 4576
Adv. Visual Com Design II
ART 4584
Advanced Typography
ART 4754
ART 4804
New Media Art Theory
ART 4894
Senior Studio
ART 4964
ART 4974
Independent Study
ART 4974H
Independent Study
ART 4994
Undergraduate Research
ART 4994H
Undergraduate Research
ART 5104
Mat Cult & Pub Hum Theory
ART 5204
Mat Cult & Pub Hum Methods
ART 5384
TS: Historic Preservation
ART 5514
Drawing Methods and Concepts
ART 5524
Laser Cutting and Engraving
ART 5534
Topics Graduate Art Critique
ART 5564G
Advanced Exhibition Design
ART 5584
Topics in Art History
ART 5604
TS: Digital Video
ART 5704
TS: Virtual Environments
ART 5714
Creative Code Art & Design
ART 5724
TS: Animated Documentary
ART 5854G
Adv Art Theories & Processes
ART 5904
Project and Report
ART 5964
Field Work/Practicum
ART 5974
Independent Study
ART 5994
Research and Thesis
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