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ARTS 2000
Introduction to Studio Art
ARTS 2110
Introduction to Photography I
ARTS 2112
Introduction to Photography II
ARTS 2220
Introduction to New Media I
ARTS 2222
Introduction to New Media II
ARTS 2370
Introduction to Cinematography I
ARTS 2372
Introduction to Cinematography II
ARTS 2559
New Course in Studio Art
ARTS 2560
Special Topics in Printmaking
ARTS 2570
Special Topics in Painting
ARTS 2610
Introduction to Drawing I
ARTS 2620
Introduction to Drawing II
ARTS 2632
Life Drawing II
ARTS 2670
Introduction to Printmaking I
ARTS 2672
Introduction to Printmaking II
ARTS 2710
Introduction to Painting I
ARTS 2712
Introduction to Painting II
ARTS 2810
Introduction to Sculpture I
ARTS 2812
Introduction to Sculpture II
ARTS 3110
Intermediate Photography I
ARTS 3112
Intermediate Photography II
ARTS 3220
Intermediate New Media Part I
ARTS 3222
Intermediate New Media II
ARTS 3370
Intermediate Cinematography I
ARTS 3372
Intermediate Cinematography II
ARTS 3670
Intermediate Printmaking I
ARTS 3672
Intermediate Printmaking II
ARTS 3710
Intermediate Painting I
ARTS 3712
Intermediate Painting II
ARTS 3810
Intermediate Sculpture I
ARTS 3812
Sculpture II
ARTS 4110
Advanced Photography I
ARTS 4112
Advanced Photography II
ARTS 4220
Advanced New Media I
ARTS 4222
Advanced New Media II
ARTS 4370
Advanced Cinematography I
ARTS 4372
Advanced Cinematography II
ARTS 4450
Distinguished Major Project
ARTS 4452
Distinguished Major Project
ARTS 4670
Advanced Problems in Printmaking
ARTS 4672
Advanced Problems in Printmaking
ARTS 4710
Advanced Painting I
ARTS 4712
Advanced Painting II
ARTS 4810
Advanced Sculpture I
ARTS 4812
Advanced Sculpture II
ARTS 4900
Advanced Project in Art
ARTS 5900
Graduate Projects in Studio Art
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