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PHAR 201
Introduction To Pharmacy
PHAR 509
Evidnce Based Phar I
PHAR 513
Contemporary Pharm Practice
PHAR 515
Cont Professional Dev I
PHAR 523
Foundations I
PHAR 524
Foundations II
PHAR 526
Community Pharmacy Mgmt I
PHAR 529
Clin Ther Mod:Intro Sp Pop
PHAR 530
Intr Phar Pract Exp:Com Pract
PHAR 532
Intro Phar Pract Exp:Hsptl
PHAR 533
Intro Phar Pract Exp:Pt Care
PHAR 534
Foundations III
PHAR 535
Foundations IV
PHAR 540
Self-Care/Alt & Compl Treatmnt
PHAR 541
Patient Assessment In Pharmacy
PHAR 544
Clin Thera Mod:Cardiovasclr
PHAR 545
U.S. Health Care System
PHAR 546
Pharmacy-Based Immuniz Deliver
PHAR 547
Managing Prof Patient Pract
PHAR 549
Personalized Medicine
PHAR 550
Pharmacy Practice Research
PHAR 555
Clin Thera Mod:Endocrinology
PHAR 556
Clinical Thera Modul:Neurology
PHAR 565
Evid Based Phar II-Rsrch Methd
PHAR 566
Evid Based Pharm III-Drug Lit
PHAR 602
Clin Thera Mod:Psychiatry
PHAR 603
Clin Thera Mod:Resp/Immnlgy
PHAR 604
Clin Thera Mod:Infctious Dis
PHAR 605
Clin Thera Mod:Hema/Oncolgy
PHAR 606
Clin Thera Mod:Neph/Urolgy
PHAR 607
Cln Ther Mod:Derm/Eent & Joint
PHAR 614
Research Techniques
PHAR 615
Cont Professional Dev II
PHAR 618
Clin Thera Mod:Gastro/Ntr
PHAR 619
Cln Ther Mod:Wmns Hlth/Bone
PHAR 620
Cln Ther Mod:Crit Care/Tox&Com
PHAR 621
PHAR 622
Epidemiology & Pharmacy Pract
PHAR 626
Adv Pharmacotherpy Rsrch Meth
PHAR 637
Intro To Res Methods In Pharm
PHAR 638
Pharmaceutical Benefit Manage
PHAR 640
Foundations V
PHAR 645
Foundations Vi
PHAR 646
Amb Care Pharm Free Clin Setng
PHAR 652
Health Promo & Comm Pharm Prac
PHAR 660
Community Pharm Mgmt II
PHAR 661
Inst Pharmacy Management
PHAR 663
Advanced Diabetes Management
PHAR 666
Top: Emergency Medicine
PHAR 671
App Pharmacoeconomics/Outcomes
PHAR 672
Adv In Mental Hlth Pharm Pract
PHAR 673
Adv Cardio Pharmacotherapy
PHAR 688
Appld Pharmacoepid Rsrch Mthd
PHAR 690
Pharmacy Research Seminar
PHAR 691
Top:Pharm Admin Res Group
PHAR 697
Directed Research In Pharmacy
PHAR 715
Cont Professional Dev III
PHAR 724
Pharmacy Law
PHAR 760
Acute Care Pharmacy Practice I
PHAR 761
Adv Hospital Pharmacy Practice
PHAR 762
Geriatrics Pharmacy Practice
PHAR 763
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Pract
PHAR 765
Elective I
PHAR 766
Elective II
PHAR 767
Clinical Selective I
PHAR 768
Advanced Community Pharm Pract
PHAR 769
Clinical Selective II
PHAR 771
Student Pharmacist Professnlsm
PHAR 773
Acute Care Pharmcy Practice II
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