GRAD 606 - Intern/Externshp In Prof Teach

GRAD 606 Internship/Externship in Professional Teaching Intern course; 1-3 practicum hours. 1-3 credits. Prerequisites: GRAD 601, 602, 604 or 605; and OVPR 603. Restricted to graduate or professional students. Registration by permission of the PFF Program office after proposal submission and approval. The internship in professional teaching is the capstone experience of the Preparing Future Faculty Program in which students will gain experience and practice in clinical/field or studio instruction under the tutelage of a senior faculty mentor at an institution that most likely mirrors the institution of interest to the student. A proposal agreement must be signed by the faculty mentor who will direct the project and assign the final grade and must be submitted to the PFF Program office for approval before the student enrolls or begins the internship/externship. The proposal must define the project and the intended outcomes, must specify the learning goals and the agreed-upon methods for evaluation, and must identify the institution where the project will take place. At the end of the project, the student must submit to the faculty mentor a report describing the experience and the extent to which the stated goals were accomplished. The faculty mentor will submit the student report, along with an evaluation of the project and the grade to be awarded, to the director of the PFF Program. Each internship/externship course requires approximately 150 contact hours in the form of preparing for and carrying out the project. The student's role is to be one of "junior faculty member" and the faculty member's as guide and mentor. Students must complete all three hours of GRAD 606 for the PFF Certificate of Achievement and must have made final edits and uploads of all relevant materials to their PFF electronic portfolios. Refer to PFF Program website for proposal instructions and electronic portfolio requirements: Graded as pass/fail.
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