DENS 790 - Sel 3D Printing In Dentistry

DENS 790 Selective: Applications of 3-D Printing in Dentistry Yearlong course; 1 lecture and .5 clinic hours. 1 credit. Enrollment is restricted to students admitted to D.D.S. program and selected by course faculty. The course has three components: 1) an online self-learning module on basic principles of 3-D printing and its applications in biological science and health science, as well as principle and workflow for implant-guided surgery, 2) a workshop on implant treatment planning using commercially available software and 3-D printing of models and surgical guide and 3) a patient-based observation experience in implant-guided surgery. The course is designed for students to use the most up-to-date digital technology to diagnose and treat real clinical cases. Students receive CO grading in the fall and pass/fail grade and credit are awarded in spring.
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