DENS 708 - Dental Materials III

DENS 708 Dental Materials III Yearlong course; 0.5 lecture hours. 0.5 credits. The third in a series of four courses. These courses provide the scientific foundations for understanding the factors guiding the use of biomaterials in dentistry. The main objectives of this course are to provide the student with knowledge of 1) the general nature and composition of dental materials; the relationship of dental materials with the oral structures; the physical, mechanical, chemical, biological and aesthetic properties of dental materials; and indications for and proper use of dental materials. Special emphasis will be on applying dental materials knowledge to clinical practice. Student-led seminars will be adopted, wherein students will be divided into groups and a specific topic will be assigned to each group. These kinds of seminars will improve the students in terms of critical-thinking, working in teams and presentation skills. Graded as CO in the fall semester with a letter grade and credit awarded in spring.
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