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ANTH 100
ANTH 140
Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 150
Linguistics and Anthropology
ANTH 170
Anthropology of Water
ANTH 201
Anthropological Theory
ANTH 210
The Dead
ANTH 211
Virtual Anthropology
ANTH 231
Arch lab Methods
ANTH 232
Primate Behavior
ANTH 235
Hist Arch No America
ANTH 240
China Now
ANTH 247
Modern Social Theory
ANTH 250
Poetics,Politics,Everday Convo
ANTH 255
Language, Gender, and Media
ANTH 260
Anth & Human Rights?
ANTH 262
ANTH 287
Skeletal Anatomy
ANTH 290
Field Work
ANTH 298
Independent Work
ANTH 300
Senior Thesis
ANTH 301
Senior Seminar
ANTH 305
Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 310
Scholarly Development
ANTH 331
Disaster Archaeology
ANTH 351
ANTH 352
Indigenous Lit of the Americas
ANTH 360
Affective States
ANTH 365
Imagining Asia
ANTH 382
Participatory Action Resrch II
ANTH 399
Senior Independent Work
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