MAN 2941 - Intern Explor in Bus Mgmt

INTERNSHIP EXPLORATION IN BUSINESS (MANAGEMENT) Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of all mandated courses in Reading, Mathematics, English and English for Academic Purposes; a minimum 2.0 institutional or overall GPA; and 12 credits, including GEB 1011. The Program Director/Program Chair/Program Coordinator or Internship Placement Office has the discretion to provide override approval as it relates to the waiver of required program/discipline-related courses. This course is a planned work-based experience that provides students with supervised career exploration activities and/ or practical experiences. Each earned credit of internship requires a minimum of 80 clock hours of work. Multiple credit course. May be repeated for credit, but grade forgiveness cannot be applied. (Internship Fee: $10.00)
A-R Indicator for Post-Sec Voc, Customer Service Electives
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