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DAA 2611C - Dance Comp and Improv II

DANCE COMPOSITION & IMPROVISATION II FOR PRE-MAJORS Prerequisite: DAA 2610C or departmental approval. Students will further experience the process of choreographic tools, improvisational exercise and individual and group commentary. Each assignment is created to develop personal style and individual creative study. Students will explore the inspiration for creating dance by improvising movement and the use of imagery as a source for dance studies. Students will also study musical history and utilize various periods of musical development for their works. Students will further their knowledge of dance forms with experimentation in non-traditional dance settings and will learn how to relate movement to various artistic forms such as art, literature, photography and architecture as material for dance. The course will culminate in a major work choreographed by each student. Multiple credit course. May be repeated for six credit hours, but grade forgiveness cannot be applied. (Special Fee: $32.00)
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