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LAW 6110
Contracts I
LAW 6120
Property I
LAW 6130
LAW 6140
Criminal Law
LAW 6150
Judicial Remedies
LAW 6160
Legal Writing I: S1
LAW 6165
Legal Research: S1
LAW 6170
Introduction to Law
LAW 6210
Contracts II
LAW 6220
Property II
LAW 6230
Torts II
LAW 6240
Civil Procedure I
LAW 6250
Constitutional Law I
LAW 6260
Legal Writing II: S1
LAW 6310
Business Organizations
LAW 6320
Income Taxation
LAW 6330
Trusts & Estates
LAW 6340
Civil Procedure II
LAW 6350
Constitutional Law II
LAW 6410
LAW 6420
Prof Responsibility
LAW 6510
Administrative Law
LAW 6530
American Legal History
LAW 6555
LAW 6560
Business Planning
LAW 6565
Civil Pretrial
LAW 6570
Payment Systems
LAW 6600
Consumer Protection
LAW 6615
Taxation of Bus Entities
LAW 6630
Criminal Procedure
LAW 6635
Domestic Violence
LAW 6640
Family Law
LAW 6660
Environmental Law
LAW 6670
Estate Planning
LAW 6675
Gift/Estate Taxation
LAW 6680
Federal Courts
LAW 6700
Indian Law
LAW 6710
Insurance Law
LAW 6715
Immigration Law
LAW 6720
International Law
LAW 6725
Intellectual Property
LAW 6730
LAW 6740
Labor Law
LAW 6745
Employment Law
LAW 6755
LAW 6775
International Human Rights
LAW 6790
Oil and Gas Law
LAW 6800
Public Lands
LAW 6810
Real Estate Finance
LAW 6830
Secured Transactions
LAW 6850
Trial Practice
LAW 6860
Water Law & Policy
LAW 6880
Criminal Adjudication
LAW 6890
Land Use Law
LAW 6910
Seminar: Intl Security
LAW 6915
Topics: Estate Planning Pract
LAW 6920
Human Rights Clinic
LAW 6925
Adv Persuasive Writing
LAW 6930
Clinic: Civil Legal Services
LAW 6931
Clinic: Civil Legal Services
LAW 6932
Clinic: Defender Aid
LAW 6934
Clinic: Family& Child Advocacy
LAW 6935
Contract Drafting
LAW 6936
Clinic: Prosecution Assistance
LAW 6940
Independent Study: Clinic
LAW 6941
Independent Study: Clinic
LAW 6945
Worker's Compensation Law
LAW 6950
Law Review
LAW 6960
Legal Externships
LAW 6970
Legal Competitions
LAW 6990
Adv Topics: Adv Legal Research
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