SOW 366 - Methods Of Practice IV: Agency, Community And Global Practice

Final course of the four course practice sequence devoted to the development of the entry-level generalist social work practitioner. It builds upon the basic framework of social work casework practice, theory, helping process and skills examined in SO W 340 (Methods I), 341 (Methods II), and 344 (HBSE I). Primary emphasis on macro practice at the agency and community levels, including working effectively at the local, state, national and global levels. Focuses on the values and ethics, knowledge and skills needed for practice within agency and community settings. Includes content on 1) conscious use of self in macro levels of practice, 2) resolution of ethical dilemmas encountered in macro practice situations, 3) organizational planning, administration and supervision, and 4) uses of community organizing, development, advocacy and policy making. Students develop assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation skills at the macro level. Enrollment Requirements: Successful completion of SO W 340, SO W 341 and SO W 344 are prerequisite with a grade of C or above in all courses. Enrollment SO W 345 and SO W 365 are corequisites for taking this course.
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