SOW 340 - Methods Of Practice I: Interpersonal Skills For Social Workers

Teaches future social work practitioners interpersonal helping skills within a solution focused perspective. Focus is on interpersonal communication and development of interviewing skills ranging from basic to advanced. Students will be taught the conscious use of self, the use of empathy, ethics and boundary issues encountered in interviewing, and cross-cultural differences in the interpersonal skills process. Interviewing with specific populations will also be discussed including work with children, people in crisis and involuntary clients. Exercises, role playing and simulations focused on situations encountered specifically at the micro and mezzo of social work practice are used to enhance learning. Class Notes: Lab fee of $50. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite for taking this course is having completed SO W 121 or taking it concurrently. Corequisites are enrollment in SO W 341 and SO W 344, and formal admission into the Social Work Program.
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