SOW 325 - Ecology Of Social Welfare Policy

First in a two-course sequence. Provides an ecological overview of policymaking-how differing systems and values interact to create the policymaking environment. Begins with a review of the history of social welfare and uses this historical lens to examine the structure of present social welfare policies and service programs. Focuses on understanding the political forces and processes which impact social policy development, as well as upon how ethical, cultural, social and economic justice issues impact the creation of social welfare policy and programs at the local, regional, national and international levels. Recommend: POLS 150, 230, 330, ECON 235, and/or ECON 251 as an adjunct to more comprehensive understanding of social welfare policy. Open to non-majors. Class Notes: Lab fee of $50. Enrollment Requirements: Successful completion of SO W 121 with a grade of C or above is a prerequisite.
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