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ART 101
Design: Two-Dimensional
ART 102
Design: Three-Dimensional
ART 103
Basic Drawing I
ART 104
Drawing II
ART 170
Survey of Asian Art I
ART 171
Survey of Asian Art II
ART 182
Survey of Western Art History I
ART 183
Survey of Western Art History II
ART 199
Special Work
ART 206
Symbols for Graphic Design
ART 207
Typography I
ART 211
Graphic Design Production I
ART 212
Graphic Design Production II
ART 215
Basic Photography
ART 221
Printmaking Survey I: Intaglio and Relief
ART 222
Printmaking Survey II: Monotype and Lithography
ART 234
Basic Painting
ART 236
Life Drawing
ART 251
Introduction to Sculpture: Fabrication and Installation
ART 252
Introduction to Sculpture: Modeling, Mold Making, Casting
ART 257
Beginning Book Arts
ART 261
Basic Ceramics
ART 270
Survey of Asian Art I
ART 282
Survey of Western Art History I
ART 298
Special Topics
ART 299
Special Work
ART 303
Advanced Drawing I
ART 308
Typography II
ART 309
Photography for Graphic Design
ART 311
Branding and Systems for Graphic Design
ART 320
Intermediate Photography
ART 321
Intermediate Printmaking
ART 334
Intermediate Painting
ART 336
Life Drawing
ART 347
ART 348
Graphic Narration
ART 351
Intermediate Sculpture: Concepts in Fabrication, Installatio...
ART 355
Intermediate Sculpture: Kiln-Working Glass
ART 356
Intermediate Sculpture: Hot-Working Glass
ART 361
Intermediate Ceramics: Contemporary Approaches
ART 370
Early Chinese Art and Archaeology
ART 371
Early Imperial Chinese Art
ART 372
Late Imperial Chinese Art
ART 375
Early Modern Japanese Painting and Woodblock Prints
ART 378
Art Along the Ancient Silk Road
ART 382
History of Ancient Greek Art
ART 387
History of Baroque and Rococo Art
ART 388
European Art: Neo-Classicism through the early 19th Century
ART 389
Birth of Modernism in European Art
ART 393
Graphic Design History
ART 394
European Art: 1890-1920
ART 395
American and European Art: 1900-1945
ART 398
Special Topics
ART 399
Special Work
ART 402
Advanced Photography
ART 403
Advanced Drawing II
ART 410
Advanced Study in Graphic Design Processes
ART 412
Advanced Problem Solving: Systems and Strategies
ART 413
Advanced Problem Solving: Identity and Marketing
ART 418
Gallery Internship
ART 419
Design Internship
ART 420
Studio Art Internship
ART 421
Advanced Printmaking
ART 434
Advanced Painting
ART 436
Life Drawing
ART 451
Advanced Sculpture and Professional Development
ART 454
Advanced Sculpture: Public Art
ART 456
Advanced Sculpture: Concepts in Glass
ART 461
Advanced Ceramics
ART 490
Senior Seminar
ART 491
Senior Exhibition
ART 492
Senior Research Project in Art History
ART 796
Independent Study
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