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SOCJUST 333 - Illegal Bias in the Criminal Justice System

An examination of the extent of illegal biases in criminal justice practice. Students will be guided to confront their and others' attitudes shaped by racial, sexual, and sexual orientation biases. The primary goal is to teach a method of open discourse to negotiate these conflicts in an evolving culture. Cross-listed Criminal Justice 333/Social Justice 333. Students may receive credit for only one of the two cross-listed courses. Prerequisite: Criminal Justice 110 and 270 and at least 12 credits from the following: Public Admin 221 or Crim Jus 212, Crim Jus 218, 244, 281, 288, 343 and 351. Must be a Crim Just major or minor or consent of instructor. Enrollment Requirements: PR: Criminal Justice 212, 218, 244, 281, 288, 343, and 351. Must be a Criminal Justice major or minor or consent of instructor.
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