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SOCJUST 332 - Violence: An Examination of the Institutional Foundations

In the United States predominant theories of violence focus on individualistic explanations as the root cause of violence while ignoring the broader and deeper role of social institutions in establishing and perpetuating policies and beliefs in utilizing violence to resolve political, social, and personal conflicts. Course will emphasize how societies can construct and apply less than human identities to individuals, racial or ethnic groups, or other nation states which then allow us to utilize forms of violence against them as "others". Course will include historical and theoretical reviews of slavery, slave law, lynching, death penalty, genocide's, economic violence, environmental violence and gendered violence, all of which disproportionately impact minority populations. Cross-listed Criminal Justice 332/Social Justice 332. Students may receive credit for only one of the two cross-listed courses. Prerequisite: CJ Major w/ CJ 244, 270, 281, 288 and at least 2 of the following: CJ 312, 318, 343, 351; OR CJ Minor w/ CJ 110, at least 1 of the following: CJ 244, 270, 281, 288, and at least 2 of the following: CJ 312 318, 351; OR consent of instructor.
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