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RELSTDS 115Q1 - Religion and the Making of Community (XS)(ES)

Through fiction, autobiographies, scholarly essays, and interviews this class will explore how religion serves both to create community and isolate individuals both on campus and in the wider community. We will discuss how religious communities from German Lutherans, Hmong, and Muslims to Ho-Chunks, Evangelical Christians, and secular individuals transform and retain their traditions as meet each other in the classroom and the public square. Rather than trying to be exhaustive, an impossible task for any course, we will attend closely to how migration affects three arenas of religious expression-student groups, public life, and the home. Throughout the semester we hone our skills at civic engagement, skills we will use throughout our years at UWO, particularly in quest 3. Enrollment Requirements: USP Paired class: See Shopping Cart for paired class. Both classes must be added and checked in your shopping cart before submitting enrollment. Comm 111-302C.
XS Society Quest 1. Civic Learning
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