WGSS 434 - Women and the Humanities

Addresses issues related to the humanities, women, and/or gender. Class Notes: In this course, we will examine the concept of intersectionality as it relates to identity and injustice. Intersectionality describes the ways in which race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality, and other axis of difference converge and diverge to create, perpetuate, and sustain social power within society. It is a powerful analytic tool that has reverberated throughout various scholarly, activist, and public policy fields. Feminists, queer theorists, and critical race and ethnic studies scholars have long grappled with how interrelated social locations and identities matter in the pursuit of social justice. Intersectionality has given us many answers to difficult questions, but in turn have generated a new set of complexities that we must now contend with. To this end, we will labor to understand how the concept of intersectionality has developed and has been deployed within the last half century. The course asks that students continually ground themselves within their own intersectional social locations when discussing topics such as immigration, family formations, labor economies, sex, art, activism and social movements, education, colonialism, citizenship, and knowledge production itself. Together, we will explore how our own intersecting identities are caught up in systems of domination and privilege, and in turn use these very same identities to create social change for all. Enrollment Requirements: Minimum junior standing.
GE IVE Humanities-Interdisciplinary Studies
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