WGSS 296 - Perspectives on Women's Literature

Lecture/Discussion Hours: 3Lab/Studio Hours: 0• Credit may not be earned in both ENGL 296 and WGSS 296 unless topics differ. See current Class Schedule for specific theme or topic. Analyzes representative texts by women. Attention given to historical and critical/theoretical questions relevant to understanding women's achievements in such areas as writing for literary fame, artistic creation, religious expression, political resistance, and economic survival. Class Notes: Please note that a portion of the available seats in this class are reserved for new freshmen. This course will examine how women and non-binary people in the United States have used the graphic form (traditional print comics, graphic novels, and webcomics) to reflect the complexity of their lives and experiences.
Cultural Diversity 1 cr. GE IVD Humanities-Literature LE-DDIV Design for Diversity LE-K3 Humanities LE-R1 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity
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